Holiday Gift Idea #1


The holidays are upon us.  And, holidays bring parties.  And, parties mean you can’t show up empty handed.  And, if you’re me, that means stressing out about the “PERFECT” thing to bring.  I always want something cute and creative and not what everyone else brings.  And THAT is hard to accomplish.  So, I’ve come up with some cute ideas for you that are simple, with items that are really easy to find and you don’t have to be Martha-freakin-Stewart to make them look cute.

Stick around, I’ll show you a new look every day, so if this one isn’t “you” don’t worry, I’ve got more!  :)

Items needed:


Tinsel (Target)

Martini ornament with candy cane (Target)

“Drink and Be Merry” Printable gift tag (download from here)


String ornament onto tinsel.  Punch hole in gift tag.  Thread onto tinsel.  Wrap around neck of bottle.  VOILA!  Done.  Come on, you can totally handle that!


Photo by Oh Snap! Photography
Styled by Susan Crabtree