A Birdie for Bogie

We have a new puppy in our house.  He’s a 16 week old beagle that we have lovingly named “Bogie”.  He was hand-picked by my girls and he has been a funny little guy to have around.  His personality is very playful and will spend hours running around, chasing the girls and play-wrestling with them.  Well, yesterday, he had been outside burning off some energy when it was time to bring him in and take the girls to cheer practice.  I asked the girls to help me corral him, since he loves running from us and making a big game out of it.  Normally, it’s not a big deal, but when you’re under a time crunch it can be rather annoying.

And so, the three of us head out to “capture the beagle”.  We live on nearly an acre, and it is heavily landscaped with plants and trees, so we didn’t see him immediately.  I began to call for him “Boooooooogie!  Come here, Bogie Bear!” in my usual high-pitched-happy-voice that usually gets his attention (and probably annoys my neighbors to no end!)  We still don’t see him.  I call again.  Nothing.  One more time, with more urgency.  And then we see him.  He is running at full speed, leaping through bushes, his ears flying behind him, romping and jumping as he runs!  And then, I notice something suspicious.  There is something gray in his mouth.  What is it?  Oh dear, I think those are feathers.  Oh. Crap.  He has a bird!  I realize that he is trotting and romping because he is so darn PROUD of himself!  I call to him to “drop it!”.  He complies.  Oh good boy!  I step toward him and look.  This poor bird is definitely dead.

Photo by: http://www.blueprintbluepers.com/about-us/images/beagle-izzy-with-bird.jpg
This is Izzy, another bird catching beagle!


I reach toward Bogie to grab him.  Realizing he is about to be captured, he leaps forward, and snatches the bird again and holds it in his mouth, staring at me.  Apparently, he was going to bring his new toy with him.  NO!  “Drop it!”  Now at this point, the girls are completely grossed out by the lifeless bird hanging out of his mouth and they begin screaming “Nooooooooo!”  and “Bogie, drop it!!!” amidst their squeals of disgust.  We are desperately trying to catch him.  He outruns us at every turn.  Allow me to paint the picture:   imagine three of us running in all different directions, all screaming at him to “drop the bird” and “come here”, meanwhile he is trotting around the yard, weaving in and out of bushes and I swear he was smiling at us through the feathers!  This continues for about 10 minutes.

Bogie on the prowl in the bushes

About this time, a lovely young man who had been giving me an estimate for washing my windows opens the back gate.  (I’m pretty sure I heard an “Alleluia” chorus when I saw him enter the backyard.  My hero!  I beg him to help us catch the dog and get this bird out of his mouth.  He agrees and runs over.  Bogie, who loves new people, sees him and runs straight to him!  He looks up at him, mouth stuffed full of bird, and his tail is wagging like crazy.  He is happy to show off his handiwork.  My new-found hero grabs his collar.  Phase 1 is successful as we are able to put the leash on him.  Now, how do we get him to drop the damn bird?!?!  We both go to work to pry his jaw open, but he won’t release it.  My 7 year old arrives on the scene with a Beggin Strip and sure enough, the whiff of bacon is enough for him to let go.  Phase 2 is complete!  I grab him and put him in his kennel while we go deal with the “birdie removal.”  Poor thing never knew what hit it.


Now, I thought this would be the end of the story, but unfortunately, it isn’t.  Guess who was up ALL NIGHT with a sick beagle?  Yeah, that would be me!  Poor little guy was vomiting and had the worst case of diarrhea.  We were out in the backyard about every 30 minutes most of the night. He seems much better this morning and is eating and drinking again.

Photo by: http://doggydessertchef.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/Sick-Dog.jpg


Now, if only he was smart enough to put 2 and 2 together and stay away from the birds.  But, something tells me he’ll be back at it again soon.  If only he would us these fantastic hunting skills on the little gopher that keeps making huge holes in the grass….