“Cordially Yours” with Adult Chocolate Milk

Aaaaaaand, we’re back!  We are bringing you our favorite Valentine cocktail recipes submitted to us by our Facebook fans!  I know I say that every cocktail is “yummy” but this one is definitely up there as one of my favorites.  Submitted by Amanda Givans, “Cordially Yours” is the perfect blend of chocolate and cherry.  It is aptly named as it definitely reminds me of a cherry cordial candy (my sweet 95 year old Grandpa’s FAVORITE), or maybe a Chocolate Cherry cupcake by Designer Cakes by April (pictured)! It should be pointed out, that this recipe does have one added perk.  It requires that you buy CHERRY VODKA, which, once you taste it, you’ll be glad that you’ve added it to your personal bar!  (I used Three Olives Cherry, but you can use whichever brand you prefer).


“Cordially Yours”

by Amanda Givans

3 oz. Adult Chocolate Milk
1 oz. Cherry Vodka
Cherry Cordial for garnish

Place desired drinking glass in freezer to chill.

Pour Adult Chocolate Milk and Cherry Vodka into shaker over ice. Shake to blend. Pour into chilled glass.

Drizzle grenadine over the top.

Add cherry cordial as garnish.


NOTE:  I followed her recipe exactly.  But, I must confess that I took a few swigs of the cherry vodka in between steps!  ;-)  Hope you like this one as much as I (hiccup) did!  :)