Elf on the Stressful Shelf!


Last year, I was suckered into purchased an Elf on the Shelf and with to my two girls.  They quickly fell in love, named him “Ralfie”, and inducted him into the family.  They are getting older and wiser and I wasn’t sure how many more of the “Santa-believing Christmases” we would have.  So, every night, I would do my “elf” duties and try to come up with something new and different and fun.  I ripped off ideas that my other friends had done the night before (Thank goodness for Facebook!) and they did the same with mine.  (Hey, we parents have to stick together in situations like these!)

Last year, Ralfie was a very busy Elf– he zip lined from the kitchen to the top of our Christmas tree (about 30 feet!), he ate candy in the fridge, he made snow angels in the flour on the kitchen counter, he fell in love with the Angel on top of our tree (she held him in her arms up there!), he partied at Barbie’s house, he tended the flock of lambs in our manger scene on the fireplace, he opened a Christmas present early, he delivered movies, turned the milk blue, drew faces on our pictures and he even wrote a note at their desk!

Photo from LilSugar.com

But, this year, I feel STRESS about the return of Ralfie.  In fact, I have been delaying his return since we have more time before Thanksgiving and Christmas.  I feel the pressure to outdo everything I did last year.  I’m so afraid that Ralfie just sitting on the couch in the morning isn’t gonna cut it this time.  Let’s face it.  I’m out of ideas.  Tapped out.  Brain block.  The Elf has beaten me.

Why, oh why, did I set the bar so high?  They are going to be expecting something fantastic!  The only saving grace is that my children will watch the same movie 30 times without getting bored of it.  So, I’m thinking he may have to do some of the same antics again this year.  When it doubt…repeat it, and call it “a classic“.