It’s A Baby Shower…with Adult Limeade!

I absolutely love it when all of you annoyingly creative people do fun things with our products and share your fabulous ideas with us. I had to post this one because it is just too cute. My dear friend, The Savvy Socialista, along with group of super fun ladies hosted a baby shower with a “She’s going to POP” theme.

I know what you’re thinking– the mom-to-be can’t drink alcohol so what does this have to do with any of your products? But, I should remind you that there is no need to hold out on all of her supportive girlfriends (and especially the mothers of toddlers) that are always in need of a little cocktail!

Plus, my rule of thumb is–if you’re going to make people play silly party games then adult beverages are MANDATORY. (This is just as important a rule as “do not wear spandex unless there is a stopwatch involved”, but I digress.) Check out how cute this party was….the hostess served “Limeade with a POP of Tequila”. Get it? :)



  • Raspberries
  • Fresh peaches sliced
  • Adult Limeade
  • Ice

Muddle the raspberries a bit so they turn the drink a nice shade of pink. Drop in the peaches. Pour in Adult Limeade (you don’t have to add anything else!) and fill the remainder of your container with ice. Next, watch all of your giggly friends enjoy the party- and try to walk in their super-cute-but-oh-so-uncomfortable-heels!


I have decided…I need girlfriends like this! And, I’m totally going on strike against the usual Orange Sherbet Punch!

Photos courtesy of Oh Snap Photography
Party Styling courtesy of Petite Party Studio