Meet Nikki

Nikki Halbur
Adult Beverage Co.

Adult Beverage Company co-founder Nikki Halbur was born and raised in sunny Orange County, CA. She graduated from Chapman University where she studied Business Administration and moved on to build a successful career working in supply chain management and manufacturing with high-profile technology companies like  Gateway and Compaq, Toshiba, Lexicon, and Seagate. But after two children and several years in the fast-paced business world, Nikki made the important decision to work full-time as a stay at home mom.

After re-connecting with high school friend Tracy Reinhardt on Facebook, Nikki decided to take a trip from her home in Arizona to Newport Beach, Calif., for a good old-fashioned girl’s night. As the two women sipped on Tracy’s tasty homemade concoction, they experienced what they like to call their “aha” moment, and a new business partnership was formed. With Nikki’s strategic business insight, Adult Chocolate Milk quickly made its way to the top of the spirits market.

Some may say that diving headfirst into such a big venture was risky, but Nikki had faith in the brand from the start. “I knew that Adult Chocolate Milk was going to resonate with our generation particularly,” Nikki explains. “We’re in our thirties and people our age are stressed, so it’s easy to get nostalgic for a simpler time.”

As the two women saw the popularity of their brand grow, they used their industry savvy to make a big move: They outsourced production and got Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau approval. After the several rounds of taste-testing, Adult Chocolate Milk was officially on the market and Adult Beverage Company was born.

Coming off of a monumental growth year, Nikki refuses to slow down. With the recent partnership of Adult Beverage Company and wine and spirits distributer W.J.Deutsch and several exciting new products on the horizon, the sky is truly the limit for this wonderfully motivated mom.