My White Elephant Gift…

Last weekend, I was invited to a “Girl’s Night” Christmas party.  It was a lovely evening where just the ladies could get together, enjoy a few cocktails, chat without interruption from the kids or hubbies and laugh.  Boy did we laugh.

We had a white elephant gift exchange.  And, when you get a bunch of girls together, you know it can turn downhill pretty quick!  ;-)  There were naughty Mrs. Claus outfits, unspeakable peppermint sticks, colorful male undies and, of course, my gift…(which seems tame in comparison!)

THE BOYFRIEND PILLOW!  I attached a photo of a girls snuggling up close to her “boyfriend” with the arm wrapped tightly around her.  And I attached a card that read:  ”  THE BOYFRIEND PILLOW–Let’s face it, most of the time you just want to cuddle anyway.”  Boy was he a hit!