Shake Patty’s Day!

St. Patrick’s Day is one of those holidays that truly baffles me.  I’m not even Irish and yet every March 17th, I put on some article of green (no one wants to get pinched!)  and join in with friends as we drink green beer and partake in corned beed and cabbage (not my favorite meal) to…..well….um, celebrate…..uhhhh, a Saint named Patrick for…..ummm…. I’m not really sure!  It’s one of those holidays that no one really even knows WHY we celebrate it, we just do.  We all become a little Irish for the day, sporting our shamrocks and drunkenly spouting Irish phrases in our best “leprechaun voices”.  (Oh come on, don’t even deny it.)  Well this year, I thought I’d bring a little St. Patty’s Day flair to the Adult Beverage Company!  So, for the next couple of days, you’ll see some fun recipes that you can use so that you DON’T have to drink GREEN BEER again this year.  I can help with the bar, but you’re gonna have to check Pinterest for dinner ideas to avoid the corned beef and cabbage this year!  :)


Let’s start off easy.  This one is so easy that you can even do this AFTER a few too many green beers.


Shamrock Shake

3-4 scoops of mint chocolate chip ice cream

2 oz Adult Chocolate Milk L